No More White Walls

(Originally Published Spring 2016)

For three years I have been fortunate and grateful to have a house to cook in, to sleep in and to keep me safe from the elements, but if I'm 100% honest, I never felt "at home".  Girls and Guys like me, those who relish in home décor, DIY and architecture, become stifled and depressed when we are not allowed to go for the gusto.

Above are pictures of our old house on base.
When a house is not your home you are chained to the rules of being a good tenant.  That doesn't mean you cant paint walls (with permission) or install some new fixtures (with permission), but you cant do anything creative without PERMISSION.
Last spring my family and I decided that we were going to look to purchase a home here in Central Florida.  We looked for what seemed like forever and we even put several offers in and went into contract once but for one reason or another they fell through. The first house turned out to be a money pit (thank God for home inspections) and the second house we were out bid by another party, and the third was a mess with the Sellers Realtor from HELL!  Long story short, we ran out of time and had to renew our lease on base.  We were pretty depressed about it but we realized that things happen for a reason.  My husband and I decided that we would suffer another year of living in our tiny base house and when the new year came, we would contact our realtors again and begin the search for a nice, comfortable, Florida home.
At the beginning of this year we did just that.  We called up our amazing realtors Caroline and Eric, (a husband and wife team) and told them we had done some looking online and found a house that had been on the market for one day (New Years Day) and we thought it looked nice in the pictures.  When we arrived Caroline was already there. She peaked out of the front door and I'll never forget her enthusiasm when she said "GUYS!!!! This is THE ONE!" LOL!  She was right!

She and Eric knew us so well by that time that she knew right away this house was exactly what we were looking for.  It was so funny!  It was the one and only house we looked at and we made an offer that very day.  It took months the year before and nothing worked out as we planned but this year we not only found the right house but we found it right out of the shoot!20160321_122602-1

We closed on March 21st 2016 and this time the house passed inspection with flying colors, there was no mean sellers Realtor, and the previous owner is now a friend of ours!  Its funny how Garth Brooks had it right.  Sometimes the best prayers are the unanswered ones. God sure knows what he is doing and even when you think life is unfair, there is something better for you a little further down the trail.
I'm so excited to share pictures of the bare bones of my new "Home" with you and I can't wait to update you on the fun interior decorating I will be doing as well as some DIY Home Improvement projects.

 Please make sure to follow the blog and follow me on You Tube as well!  Hope these pictures keep some of the friends and family at bay as they are chomping at he bit to see pictures of our new home!  Until next time! XOXO
-April, My Three C's


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