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2016 Christmas Home Tour

(Originally Published Winter 2016) This year has been one of the most amazing years filled with so may blessings.  It should be so easy for me to type this blog post but honestly, it is super difficult.  Not because I don't have a lot to write about but because I have been the busiest and exhausted I have been in a long while! We closed on our new house in April of this year and since then I have been chauffeuring kids to and from school and their extracurricular activities, working on my new t-shirt line, selling milk paint, continuing with my furniture refurbishing business and  decorating our new home.  Not to mention all the upkeep and unsuspected maintenance we have had pop up in the last few months of home ownership.  (If I had to count how many sprinkler heads I have had to replace, I wouldn't have enough fingers.)  Imagining my crazy, busy year I think you can see how its been super hard for me to keep up with my blog, YouTube channel, and DIY projects.  I have to say

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