My Idea of Cozy

(Originally published Jan 2015)

There is a Season…
As the cheer of the holiday season comes to a close it’s easy for this gal to get the winter blues. I know what you’re thinking. “She lives in Florida for heaven sakes! How does this gal know anything about winter blues?” Well for those of you that follow me regularly on this blog, and on Facebook, it’s not new information that I use to live in the northern state of Montana. In Fairfield, Montana it has been known to get down to -60 when the wind picks up. When the days got super frigid and the sun was covered by winter haze, I had to learn a few things that kept my mind sunny and my sprit cozy.
When I think about what makes a drab winter day into a cozy, dreamy experience, I think of our north Florida campsite in Jasper, Florida. This weekend Jasper experienced a pretty substantial cold snap with temperatures dipping down into the 20’s! I knew this would be the best backdrop to illustrate my idea of what made a frosty day into a cozy experience.
Into the Woods…
There is nothing that gives my soul comfort like the great outdoors. When I was a young girl I use to enjoy exploring the open fields and dirt roads behind my house. I have fond memories of running through the pastures with my siblings and hunting dove with my dad behind our South Texas home. The call of wide open spaces is nothing I can explain fully. You just have to feel it. Because of my many trips this season to Jasper, I have gained so much decorating inspiration from natural elements. The warmth of timber, the smell of a crisp breeze through the forest trees, strong stones sculpted by Mother Nature and the magic of the misty, wild woods is like wings for your spirit and a cozy, comfort that can’t be matched.
IMG_0849 (2)
For me, it was an easy choice to load the back of my truck with some of my favorite cozy things and let the northern Florida back country showcase them for me.
The Chair…
No folks, I am not paying homage to the King of Country, George Strait (even though his gift of song can make a country girl swoon) ;). I’m talking about this handsome, leather, open armed, wing back spot of splendor.
IMG_0719 (2)
Some might say I have an obsession with chairs and the truth is those people are 100% right. Chairs have the power to make you feel regal, like a throne. Powerful, like an executive chair. Mature, like a rocking chair. Or safe and loved, like grandpas old recliner. The right chair can be a great, big, cozy hug allowing you the ability to breathe easy, relax with a cup of coffee, and dream of summer.
IMG_0313 (2)
In my opinion, the right chair is a vessel that steers you though life’s chilly days.
Journey of the Mind…
Winter can be very depressing, gloomy and cold. If you are not a fan of winter sports or part polar bear your mind can get rather restless. That is where a good book is handy. Why not take a trip into an exotic land, and tropical paradise or a romantic dream of what the coming spring will bring?
For me, a good book is just the right medicine to chase the winter blues away. There is nothing cozier than curling up in your favorite chair with a good book, in a quiet warm space.
IMG_0541 (2)
Just make sure you share some of that new found knowledge with a living being from time to time, or you might get a little touch of the crazies. LOL!
Cloak of Comfort…
On a cold winters day it is easy to describe cozy and comfortable with one word… warmth. I don’t know anyone who truly relishes the chill of an icy wind or the bite of a winter’s frost. I think is more the delicious sensation of being wrapped up in the warmth of an embrace, the security of a downy blanket or the luxury of a fluffy sweater that makes the nip of the cold a little more bearable and somewhat enjoyable. While browsing through the Parachute Home bedding website I noticed some beautiful cashmere throws that would be the perfect cocoon of coziness to share with my teddy bear aka, Mr. 3C’s. I also enjoy the fashion of winter to include trendy jacket, creamy sweaters, chunky boots and rosy cheeks. Putting on a big sweater is like putting on a warm hug. Sigh!
IMG_0629 (2)
So those are my ideas of what makes a cozy winter experience. What do you need to make winter bearable? What is your idea of cozy? I would love to hear your ideas, and read your comments on how you survive the elements where you are. For now this April is gonna shower you with warm wishes of happiness! XOXO
Cozily Yours,
April ~ My Three C’s
IMG_0514 (2)


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