My Three C's New Tee Shirt Line

(Originally posted in 2016)

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you probably saw that yesterday I shared some big news!  This post is for the people that maybe haven't made it over to my Facebook site yet!  Yesterday I launched my very own T-Shirt line that reflects the Junk Lovin' Furniture Filppin', D.I.Y Crowd.  I currently don't have my Etsy store linked onto this website but that will come in the future. 

**You can now visit my online store at

Since I am a small business it all kinda has to happen in due time.  That is hard sometimes!  Especially when your dreams are much, much bigger than your start off budget.  YIKES!  For now I am printing T-shirts, made to order, from my home with the help of my wonderful and supportive husband as well as my teenage son a.k.a. "My Minions" LOL!  Each shirt is made specifically for the ordering customer and all my tees are printed on great quality 100% cotton tees.  That means that great care is taken with each and every shirt made.  I want all my customers to feel like I am dealing with them one on one and they know I care about the product they purchase from me.
You will see this banner when you enter my Online Store.

Here are the shirts I currently have on my site for sale.  There will be many more designs coming as my brain is in full overdrive with all the great Tees I can produce!  I hope you visit my store and support my small business.  It would also mean a great deal to hear what you think of my new T-Shirt line.

(Updated Aug 2017 to reflect new designs)

More designs will be coming soon!  Please stay tune!  I appreciate you looking at y designs and look forward to your input!
XOXO, April
My Three C's

Disclaimer:  All designs are the property of My Three C's and are protected by US copyright law.


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